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"I think I am generally prone to exaggerating characters, taking them to a ridiculous extent. But you do also meet those people in real life who are just really awful."

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Bri:”Jenny, you can not tell me you think this is a good idea.”
Jenny:”Of corse it’s a great idea, I came up with it.”
Jenny:”You have such little faith in me, Bri”
Bri:”Crawford is going to kill us…lets do it.”

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Prellernet prompt week 2: Jimmy and Brian go stargazing 

woah 3 things in one day it’s almost like i’m trying to make up for the fact i’m not here this weekend oops. also also credit to abbi for like half the fic as in she actually wrote half the fic this is a team effort so yeah i love abbi a lot rn tbh. but yaasss here you go!

It had often been assumed, even from Jimmy and Brian themselves, that it was Jimmy who knew everything about anything and Brian merely listened from the side and rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s ramblings. However, on one starry night, the pair discovered this was not quite true.

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i’m just gonna sit and cry it’s that perfect like nope i can’t i quit. 

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I can’t draw and this is all I could think of and I don’t even know if this is funny or what anyways have fun with it

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